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What’s New At KNOT FM – The X Files Wednesdays


Hello, everybody, this is Vinnie. I know that there are a lot of people out there who are wondering if I’m going to work some unsigned bands into the mix on KNOT FM at some point like all the great music I’ve discovered in my years at Alien X Radio. The answer is, I already did. I uploaded some tracks last week and put together a playlist that I’m tentatively calling ‘The X Files’. It aired for the first time last week. Every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern, you will get 2 hours of some of the best stuff from bands like The Creeping Chaos, Dead In 5, Concrete Angels, Eva Under Fire, Here We Harbour, Pistol Day Parade, Screaming For Silence and more. I’m adding new stuff all the time. As with the station, it’s going to take a lot of time to build a great playlist.

The second part of this revelation is that those songs are uploaded on the server, which means that you can go request them anytime on the site and they will play mixed in with Metallica, AC/DC, Journey and Avenged Sevenfold. What this means is that if you want airtime other than on Wednesday nights (and the playlist is going to be way longer than 2 hours, so you may not hear it at all in those 2 hours), you will have to request it. There are more listeners every week and the more you request a song, the more people will hear it. Just go to and give it a try. If a song is not in the database, it will come up as unavailable and you can let me know you want to hear it at and I will upload it. Just remember, it needs to be rock and it needs to be radio quality and at least a 192k mp3 to air it, due to the station broadcasting in 320k. Anything less than that sticks out like a sore thumb from song to song with a big volume drop from a 320k file.

At the moment, I have a short list of stuff that is uploaded.

Concrete Angels – This Something, Fallen Sunshine, The Calling
Eva Under Fire – Annabelle, Betrayer, Drift
Here We Harbour – Face Value, Silent Cities, The Greater Distance
The Creeping Chaos – Beg For Mercy, Dead In The Water, Chromed
Dead In 5 – Breathless Weapon, Burn My Eyes, Trippin On The Inside
Feir – Irreverence
John Lebang – Sacrifice, Love Vampire, Perfect Lie
Let Us Prey – In Suffering
Milestones – Monster, The Scars Remain
My Black Heart – Lie To Me
Pistol Day Parade – High, Rockstar’s Girlfriend, Better
Radiodrone – NeverLution
Revis – Seven (It’s Over Now)
Screaming For Silence – House Of Glass, The King Is Crowned, Separate
Zedi Forder – Killakarta, Machines

This list will grow soon, as I have a lot of music to work with already but I’m always open to submissions that meet the guidelines above. Thank you for being a part of KNOT FM!

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