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What Queenstheater Is All About


When I decided to create a new show with 2 of my favorite bands in it, I figured the two that went the best together were Queensryche and Dream Theater. Two legendary bands that march to the beat of their own drum and use amazing imagery and melodic guitar to tell engaging musical stories.

I ran into a bit of a problem, though. Dream Theater songs are SO much longer than Queensryche songs, generally speaking, so for a show that’s only 60 minutes long, if you play 3 DT songs in a row, half the show is gone. Then you play 3 QR songs and there’s still 15 minutes left for A Change Of Seasons to play. No matter how I program this show, you’re going to probably hear more of the Dream than the Ryche. It’s ok, though because if you listen to it enough, I can make it LONGER. Oh, and also Queensryche comes first in the name of the show, so they get top billing, at least. Give it a listen every weeknight at 11pm Eastern right here on KNOT FM or with the PCRadio app and live the dream… theater.

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