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Here at KNOT FM, we have a lot of music from indie bands from all over the world, including a lot from our home base here in the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan USA! The X is originally from my first radio show/podcast, Rage Radio X.

You should check out all the great music bands have submitted to us, like Ambrose, Concrete Angels, Dead In 5, Harlow, I Am Trouble, Illegal, Mechanical Butterfly, Sweet Crystal, Angeline, Blackbird Sons, Eva Under Fire, Kaleido, Here We Harbour, Anastaci, 6E and a whole lot more!

You can catch The X Files every Sunday from 4 to 7pm right here on KNOT FM and support local music wherever it’s from! (The time on this post’s picture is the old time, it’s on Sundays now).

Don’t forget that if it’s in our database, you can request it anytime. If you feel like hearing The Creeping Chaos at 3am on a Wednesday, punch it up at and it will play in less than 15 minutes.

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