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The Importance Of Rock Radio


In the days when the only choices you had for music started with AM or FM, you were stuck with local rock radio and whatever they decided to feed your ears. In the age of the internet, that stranglehold on what you heard has lost it’s grip and given you more freedom than you probably know what to do with. There are literally millions of options now. Some of them are free to use. Some of them are free, but charge you for their ‘premium’ services, such as TuneIn, Spotify, etc.. Some of them charge just to use them at all, like Sirius XM. You also have the choice of flipping back to FM for music… AM doesn’t really do music any more, it’s dominated by talk radio because of the inferior sound quality. There are also an almost infinite variety of internet radio stations all over the world that you can listen to at the touch of a button on your phone, if you have the right app. So how is someone who grew up in the golden age of radio with only their radio dial supposed to navigate and choose something to listen to?

The answer is, you don’t have to choose a station and stick with it. You can choose a bunch of options and flip around to them sort of like you twist the dial on your old radio in your car. Nowadays, you push buttons to presets… and you can do the same on your phone with apps that have thousands of stations to choose from. TuneIn, SimpleRadio, Live Online Radio, PCRadio and hundreds more are available on Androids and iPhones for you to download.

If you have satellite radio, you can have presets in your car of stations like Octane for new hard rock, Ozzy’s Boneyard for Classic Rock, Hair Nation for your favorite 80’s spandex laden hair bands, Lithium if you’re into 90’s grungy rock, Turbo if you like the heavy classics from the 90’s and 2000’s, Liquid Metal for hardcore metal, etc. and they can all be presets in your car, just like AM and FM. If you want to pay for your radio stations, XM is a very good alternative. The all access version lets you listen on the web and on an app as well, but it costs even more per month. I call them every time it’s time to renew and threaten to cancel just to get an ‘affordable’ rate. I can’t listen to some stations too much on there, especially Octane because they repeat the same songs over and over like a pop station until you hate them. I have to find an Octane alternative a lot of the time because I flip it on and flip it right back off because something annoying is on.

If you go to Google and type in ‘rock radio stations near me’ you will find a good variety of choices. You can also use websites like Streema and, which are internet radio directories to find new stations.

If you’re looking for a Sirius XM alternative, give us a try. KNOT FM is just one of a myriad of stations that play rock on the internet, but we try to keep it fresh by playing a wider variety of old and new rock for our listeners. We stream at 320k, the highest bitrate an internet radio station can stream at, so it sounds really good. We also use 320k mp3’s to make it as high quality as possible, which sets us apart from most internet stations. We are also available on several apps, including PC Radio and Live Online Radio. We tried to get listed on TuneIn, but they mysteriously stopped accepting new stations for some reason. Anyway, we hope you will add KNOT FM to one of your presets and give us a listen from time to time. We strive to be the best rock radio station we can every day for you, the listener.

Vince Smith

KNOT FM – America’s Rock Station

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