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New Music Added And The KNOT FM Facebook Group


By Vince ‘MotownVinnie’ Smith

We’ve added some brand new music for you into the rotation including:

Badflower – Ghost
Avatar – The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country
Nonpoint – Chaos And Earthquakes

We also have a poll going on our Facebook group, KNOT FM Fans to vote some bands on to the rotation! This time, we’ve got 5 classic bands so go have a look because your vote will get 4 of them on the playlist and get 1 of them axed! Hey, it’s YOUR station after all, we just work here. Tell us what you want to hear!!!

You can request the new adds above right now at and hear them in about 15-20 minutes! I really like the Badflower song, I think I’ll request it myself! 😀

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