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MotownVinnie’s Struggles With Live Radio And The Invasion

The Invasion MotownVinnie

I’ve been struggling lately with the possibility of bringing back my live radio show, The Invasion. I’ve done podcasts and live radio on and off since 2010, including Rage Radio X, After The Rush and Vinnie And The Alien. All have done pretty well, and I’m good at live radio. I stepped away from VATA earlier this year and had planned on retiring from radio, but I needed a new project to work on after going stir crazy for a couple weeks and it ended up being this radio station.

KNOT FM is a great station, but I don’t really have a voice on it other than drops between songs. I didn’t really want to commit to doing a show every week, but I feel like I need to. I am in a weird state of limbo right now, trying to figure out which way to go. The KNOT FM fan group on Facebook has been a lot of fun, but it’s not really the same as talking on the radio and entertaining people with bizarre fun news stories and great music. I would think that all the same stations would pick up my show in syndication if I started doing it again, but that didn’t really result in any kind of ad revenue or listener reaction. A lot of internet stations lie about how many people are listening, so you can never be sure what your real audience is. This causes you to have to fudge your numbers in order to sell ads to support your show and it becomes a big lie that perpetuates itself.

I have been a supporter of local radio, local music and artists everywhere my whole life, almost to the point of feeling guilty about charging money for anything, but that is the way radio works. The last station I was involved with was supposed to grow and make money, but all it ever did was cost more money, become more and more work and generate next to nothing in revenue. This station was designed to be minimal work and make enough money to support itself, and it has worked out quite well, but The Invasion would create much more work for me.

I know that doing a live show would draw in listeners that are in the fan group and podcast listeners as well, which is the best way to promote this station but it would also bring me back to the business model that wasn’t working before… more effort without more income.

I really enjoyed doing radio with a co-host because it takes the burden of conversation off of you sometimes, especially when your co-host is the engineer. The time commitment on the weekends and the commute were two of the main drawbacks to doing it. The Invasion would eliminate both of those problems because I would be doing it in my old time slot Tuesdays at 8pm from home.

I’ve only been off the air since late January, but it feels like forever to me. Would people listen? I’m sure they would. I still have all of the drops, bumpers and stingers from before. All I would have to do is hit a button and be live and let the internet know I’m on but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. I’ve kind of been waiting on Fall to hit so people are inside more and will be more likely to tune in.

I don’t think I would go with too many of the old segments like Road Rage, Jackwagon Of The Week or Onion Or Potato because I would want something new and fresh to inspire me to want to do it every week. I might play some old ones here and there to fill time or something, but I don’t like living in the past.

If you are a fan of any of my shows and wish to encourage me to bring back The Invasion again, now would be the time to let me know, because like I said, I am struggling with it and it might help me make up my mind.

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