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Monday Night Hair Metal, The X Files Expand To 3 Hours


We’ve expanded two of your favorite shows on the station by popular demand – Monday Night Hair Metal is all your favorite glam, sleaze and slutty hard rockin’ hair band hits from the late 80’s and early 90’s is now on for 3 hours every Monday from 7pm to 10pm, after listeners nearly stormed the studio with cans of Aqua Net. Now, bands like Whitesnake, Poison, Skid Row, Motley Crue, BulletBoys and the like will rock our airwaves for an extra hour every week.

Monday Night Hair Metal KNOT FM

The X Files has been expanded as well. All the best indie, unsigned and local kickass rock you can handle is on from 7pm to 10pm on Wednesday nights. This is where you can hear amazing bands like Ambrose, Angeline, The Creeping Chaos, SixE, Illegal, Dead In 5, Eva Under Fire, Here We Harbour, Concrete Angels and tons more! We love supporting artists that need exposure and radio airplay, and this show is the best way to do that. As with all the music you hear on KNOT FM – America’s Rock Station, you can request it any time you want by going to and telling us what you want to hear.

The X Files KNOT FM

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