KNOT FM - America's Rock Station

Classic Rock And New Rock On The Same Station Is What We Do


By Vince Smith

When I started this station, the main goal was to prove to myself and others that it was possible to build an internet radio station that can not only sustain itself, but that it can actually be a profitable business in addition to being a kickass rock station. So far, in the six months since we’ve been ‘on the air’ we’ve managed to do that. The reason is because listeners stick around. Internet radio stations are a dime a dozen these days and the listener’s options have never been bigger or more diverse, so any time you can keep a listener tuned in and coming back for more, you know you’re doing it right.

Our blend of classic rock and new rock gives you more variety than any FM station ever could because of their corporate obligations to ‘play the hits’. They have a list that is given to them by a radio consultant that they have to play every hour like clockwork. That’s not how we do things. We have a rotation of mostly classic rock from the 70’s and up with a good sprinkle of all the new rock and hard rock that is hitting the airwaves today. It adds some spice to our playlist that you just can’t get on a classic rock station.

We have a request page where you can hear any song on our playlist 24 hours a day automatically. You don’t have to call in and talk to some intern and hope they get around to playing it. You can request songs as much as you want to, there’s no limits. Try doing that on your local radio station. Like I’ve said many times in the past, there’s a reason we’re called KNOT FM… we are not like your typical FM station.

When I used to listen to the local rock station, 101.1 WRIF-FM here in Detroit, I could turn it on and within 15 minutes, I would hear a song that would make me want to turn it off. You could guarantee that within an hour, you would hear either Mr. Brownstone, Dr. Feelgood or Thunderstruck every time. Now I realize that some people want to hear the same shit over and over… if they didn’t, the stations wouldn’t be playing it. This station is for the people who crave variety and choice. I can guarantee you that you won’t hear the same songs over and over again unless you want to request them.

I am still working on adding more music all the time, so the variety will only grow with time. It is a time consuming process because I require high quality audio that I have to tweak before I upload it to the playlist. I also hear the occasional track I missed somehow that sounds quiet compared to everything else and I have to rework it when I have time. These damn day jobs get in the way, so if you could do me the favor of visiting our sponsors and making me rich so I can quit, that would be most helpful. Either that or go buy a KNOT FM T Shirt. But seriously, listen and get your friends to listen. That’s the best thing you can do for us.